T.J. Aircraft Sales
T.J. Aircraft Sales


Real values in a changing market 

T.J. Aircraft Sales provides reasonably priced, accurate and independent appraisals and pre-purchase inspections. Appraisals are much more involved than just plugging in numbers from a book or software program. We conduct a very detailed inspection of the aircraft, as well as inspection of all logs to discover any time discrepancies, previous damage history, complete AD compliance, and maintenance history. 

appraisal.jpgConditioned Analysis

To accomplish the appraisal we will need to do a visual examination. The exterior will be inspected for damage, corrosion, loose or missing fasteners, paint condition, airframe condition and tires condition. We check for oil and fluid leaks around engine and landing gear.   

We will also inspect the interior of cockpit, passenger area and baggage compartment for condition of seats, carpets, head and side panels, glass, glare shield, etc. We will thoroughly search log books and records for latest airworthiness advisories (AD’s), damage history, for completeness of the log books, maintenance history.

Market Value Analysis

Provides a low cost method to estimate market value of an aircraft. The basic aircraft information is provided by the client but we will work with the client to insure the information provided is as accurate as possible without our actually visiting the aircraft. A Market Analysis is suitable starting point for establishing a selling price or an offering amount. 


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